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Laboratory for Affiliative Social Behavior

RIKEN Center for Brain Science

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Research interest

We are studying the neural mechanism mediating mammalian parenting and attachment. As an experimental model, we are currently focusing on the laboratory mouse, of which both parents and even virgins take care of the young very well.

Young researchers & students interested in this research field are welcome to contact and visit us !


June 02, 2021 <Press release>

Why moms take risks to protect their infants

Video (YouTube)


Sept. 30, 2015 <Press release>

Parenting in the animal world: turning off the infanticide instinct


Aug. 5, 2014 <News>

Dr.Michael Numan published a new book. -overview(PDF)
"Neurobiology of Social Behavior: Toward an Understanding of the Prosocial and Antisocial Brain"

== Wondering what's wrong with my mouse mother-infant relationship ?

-> Please refer to our simple screening protocol of mouse maternal behavior !

Detaile background information can be found HERE.


Apr. 19, 2013 <Press release>

Why do babies calm down when they are carried?

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